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    Currently At 10:35AM    34°C

RealFeel® 35°C
Winds: N at 19km/h
Humidity: 24%
Dew Point: 11° C

Pressure: 101 KPA
Visibility: 16 km Tonight

Low: 26°C
RealFeel®: 25°C



High: 41°C
RealFeel®: 43°C

Sunset: 7:38 PM Today
Sunrise: 5:57 AM



High: July 18 19 20 21 22
Low: July 18 19 20 21 22
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Posted by: nuweiba | July 29, 2008

Nuweiba’s daily weather report

Today is again a very sunny daySunny 36°C 

Winds: NNE at 28km/h
Tomorrow Sunny 

we expect a  40°C
Sunrise: 6:01 AM

Sunset: 7:34 PM

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Today we enjoyed a beautifull sunrise at 5.56AM
Currently it is very sunny with 38°C  Sunny
A very small breeze from NE at 9km/h
During night time we perceved a 25°C with a amazing night sky – thousends of stars above.
At 7:44 PM the sunset paint the all environment in purper red nuances.

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The pyramid of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh has been rediscovered after being buried for generations, archaeologists announced today.

The pyramid is thought to house the tomb of King Menkauhor, who is believed to have ruled in Egypt’s 5th dynasty for eight years in the mid-2400s B.C.

Long since reduced to its foundations, the structure was previously known as Number 29 or the “Headless Pyramid.” It was mentioned in the mid-19th century by German archaeologist Karl Richard Lepsius.

Then it disappeared in the sands of Saqqara, a sprawling royal burial complex near current-day Cairo.

It took Egyptian archaeologists about a year and a half just to remove all the sand above the pyramid.

“After Lepsius the location of the pyramid was lost and the substructure of [the] pyramid never known,” said Zahi Hawass, secretary general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities.

“It was forgotten by people until we began to search this area and a hill of sand, maybe 25 feet [7.6 meters] high.”

Nationalgeographic.com 05.06.2008

Gepubliceerd op 10-6-08 om 16:50 in Egypte | Permanente link

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SunnyThe current weather is warm, a beautifull day full of sunshine and at the moment 14.00 we enjoy temperatures of 34°C; it’s breezy with winds from the NNE at 22 km/h.

The sea water is turqouise blue, attractif with temperatures of 23°C.

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We had the visit of reporter Filip Ledaine for the Belgian Radio in Ghannah Lodge.

listen to the daily report : Report on Radio 2 in the ‘De Madamen’

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NEW US Ambassador to Egypt Margaret Scobey arrived in town this week at the start of a four-year diplomatic mission. Scobey’s tenure in Cairo is likely to be highly eventful, to say the least. Egypt and the US have not been in their best state of dialogue for the past five years due to wide ranging differences over US Middle East foreign policy, especially in the wake of the US-led invasion of Iraq. Bilateral relations have also been subject to considerable tension due to an increasing US trend to link its economic assistance to Egypt to progress on political reform.

In February, Scobey came under much criticism in the pro-government Egyptian press for its criticism of the slow progress achieved by Cairo in promoting a better standard of human rights.

Scobey is replacing Francis Ricciardone who served as US ambassador to Egypt beginning August 2005. Later in the summer, Ambassador Sameh Shoukri will be in Washington to head the diplomatic mission. Shoukri replaces Nabil Fahmi who has served in the US capital for the past eight years.

The change of ambassadors comes as the presidency of the George W Bush administration draws to a close.


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